An Introspective Masturbatory Rant About Compromise

So, I have this friend, who wants to be a stage actor. He heard at some meeting somewhere that there are a lot of casting directors who are checking out people’s Facebooks, and, “and if all they see is partying and vulgarity, they reconsider hiring you.” And this has him seriously considering deleting his FB.

This got me thinking. If you compromise to THAT degree, changing who you are, what you say, what you do OUTSIDE of your career, FOR your career, is it really YOUR career?

Think of it this way, say you REALLY like fried chicken, but you’re considering going to Taco Bell. So, you drive all the way to Taco Bell, take a look at the menu, realized that Taco Bell is not actually what you want, and say to the cashier, “I’m sorry, I was more looking for fried chicken.”

Is that Taco Bell cashier going to say, “Well, it just so happens to be your lucky day, we’re just changing our menu over, and we just so happen to only sell fried chicken!”? FUX NO! The cashier’s gonna give you a funny look and calmly explain that they don’t sell fried chicken.

And that’s not your fault, it’s not Taco Bell’s fault, you just weren’t a fit. And there’s nothing wrong with that, because there’s gonna be a Popeye’s or a KFC right down the road, who’d be more than willing to sell you some delicious fried chicken.

And what’s more, if the impossible did happen, and you got a 10 piece bucket of wings and thighs from Taco Bell, would you REALLY be eating Taco Bell? Or is it just fried chicken at a taco joint?

Now that I’ve gotten everyone sufficiently hungry, what’s the point to all this? Much like Taco Bell, KFC, or Popeye’s, you are a BRAND. Everything you do, say, and create, every person you interact with is an extension of your brand. If you compromise who you are, what your brand is, in such a way, that that compromise must bleed to your personal life, and not just for professional decorum, is it really your brand? Is it really you? And in that same line, would whatever art you create as a part of that be able to be considered genuine?

I personally believe the answer is no. I am my brand, for better or worse. Ronin, theronin23, Macabre Productions, Josh Fonner, it’s me. And I just don’t think I can compromise my sense of self like that just to be famous, make a name for myself in the more conventional sense, or create.

Basically, if you’re lookin’ for Chalupas, I’m your man. Chicken strips? KFC’s that way, chief.

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One Response to An Introspective Masturbatory Rant About Compromise

  1. Toni Goodman says:

    I’m not sure if they have them in Florida, Josh, but I do find this slightly funny because we have merged Taco Bell and KFC’s up here. xD

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