One of the Best Villains in Science Fiction

For those who have read my others articles (you can find a list of them here and my Farscape article here) you know that I adore science fiction. And even more so, the science behind that fiction. I have had the sincere pleasure of spending hours on my couch, futon, bed, floor, and gamer chair watching my share of Sci-Fi; from , , , Farscape,  and , , , , , and. The list can go on and on, but to sum it up, I purely enjoy Sci-Fi more than any other television genre in existence today. Among one of many areas of television that draw me to Sci-Fi is the creation, back-story, intent, and drive of a villain; I enjoy understanding what makes them tick, how far will they step into the side of evil, and if they will find any closure or revenge against the protagonist. I normally find myself understanding the villain perspective more than any other character perspective on any given show. What that says about my personality, I don’t even know. However, because of my fascination with villains, I have found out that there has only been one villain I truly adore: Scorpius from the television series Farscape.

In the Farscape World, there are a variety of different races. Two in particular, because it is important to understanding who Scorpius is, I will go into detail about. Scorpius is half Sebacean and half Scarran. Sebaceans look like , and Scarrans look like . Therefore, Scorpius looks like . See the mixture? Also, he is terribly creepy, so I added this  and this so one can get a feel for how Scorpius is really like. Scorpius has a significant disadvantage due to his unique “breed” of alien. Scorpius is the only one of his kind because he was part of an experiment to see if breeding Scarrans and Sebaceans proves to provide fruitful offspring, and by fruitful I mean deadly, capable of ruling the universe kind. In other words, the Scarrans simply wanted to conduct an experiment to see if they could build some kind of super race: Scorpius was the outcome.

Scorpius is susceptible to contracting “heat delirium” like the Sebaceans do, and has the rage, super nose, and ability to read energy signatures like a Scarran. Scorpius‘ body, because he is half Scarran, produces an intense amount of heat and this causes a problem with his Sebacean side. When Scorpius gets angry, his body heats up to even higher levels and he then may succumb to “head delirium”. So, Scorpius has cooling rods that are placed in his to keep his body temperature at a stable level by regulating and absorbing excess heat. Aside from his two halves that constantly contradict each other, the Scarrans treated him as the experiment that he was. Scorpius hates his half Scarrans side and, to certain extent, also rejects his Peacekeeper side. He identifies as neither, and that is a problem for Scorpius. He is so different, but at the same time he is vaguely familiar. He is a part of the Peacekeepers (a Sebacean only ‘military’) and continuously hides his Scarran side as much as he can. Scorpius holds great resentment toward the Scarrans, and it is seen throughout the show. The Scarrans dismiss him as a meek, unintelligent, and a thorn in their side. Much to the Scarrans dismay, Scorpius would not have them think any other way. Personally, I think he should release his Scarran side much more often, but alas, he does not. If none of this made sense (which is possible because I frell things up all the time) seek clarification on Scorpius .

On top of being some kind of weird, awkward mixture of races that should not have had coitus, Scorpius surpasses the highest point on the evil scale in relation to all other villains that I have witnessed in Sci-Fi. Why is that? Well, for the simple reason that NOTHING, and I mean abso-freaking-lutely nothing, stops Scorpius from getting what he wants. Scorpiusdrive is one of the traits that personally shocks me. Continuously, and without hesitation, he never loses sight of his goal, which I will not mention to avoid spoilers because if you haven’t seen Farscape I can’t even. What I will say is that he tends to drive all of those around him insane, and I didn’t exaggerate just now. There is not a moment where Scorpius doubts his intentions and is prepared to lose it all, including his life to achieve his goal. Nothing can stop him and not everyone knows that he will take extreme measures to do as he wishes. Scorpius is not out for power as most villains are created to do. No, Scorpius is after much more than that. Scorpius is after revenge. This aspect of his character is what made him entirely unstoppable and, in my opinion, a revolutionary new breed (see what I did there? Major LOL’s) of villain to Sci-Fi.

Scorpius is also in no hurry. One of his most prominent traits is his patience: “I long ago learned the advantages of patience” and I believe him. And, not to mention, his eerily strung words in that high pitch voice is a creepy as they come. But, in various scenes, Scorpius is willing to give his own life, the life of others, and the life of thousands of others to achieve his goals. Patience also allows Scorpy, as John Crichton so curiously calls him, to be polite to his victims. While driving you crazy, he may want to clean the dirt off of your shirt; while interrogating you and torturing you, he may say “Oh. I’m sorry. Would you like something to drink? How rude of me.” Trust me, he is ridiculously creepy and the creepiness never ceases. Patience is perhaps his strongest suite, if his traits were left to stand on their own. The patience of an individual like Scorpius allows him to think the situations all the way through; extrapolate, uncover, and accurately plan his next move. Scorpius is willing to wait, however long, and his patience plays off of another interesting trait that I think wraps up the evil-less that is Scorpius.

Intelligence, with splashes of his drive and patience traits, are the necessary ingredients for a five-star recipe of villain-y goodness. Scorpius is always one step ahead of everyone else, and the best part is… he knows it; Scorpius knows he is smarter, faster, stronger, and all around better than those around him. His intelligence is primarily shown through his ability to manipulate and control all situations, people, and perhaps even the space around him. Scorpius is the jack-of-all trades when it comes to getting his way. The Peacekeepers noticed the depth, magnitude, and vastness of his intelligence, and made him the head of the science department on a secret Gammak Base to study wormholes. His purpose, as head of this Gammak Base, was to harness wormhole technology as a weapon to control the galaxy or universe. Scorpius continuously outsmarts his enemies, and even his friends, to seek his revenge in the way he only knows how: by any means necessary.

Scorpius is not after power; Scorpius is after revenge. Although I have only covered the surface of the immense depth that the series goes into with the character Scorpius, his drive, patience, and intelligence have surpassed all other villains I have encountered in Sci-Fi. Any moral or ethical quarrel is dismissed by Scorpius as if they were a fly circulating around his food; if it does not lead to his desired outcome, then there is no use in acknowledging such a trivial issue. On various levels, the audience can relate to the character, because Scorpius is the only one of his kind in the Farscape Universe. For some of the people who watch the show, they also may feel like they are the only one’s in the universe. Unlike most villains I have had the pleasure of seeing grace my TV box, I connect with Scorpius on this specific level. And that is the icing on the cake that makes Scorpy one of the best villains of all time in Sci-Fi.

As usual, I leave you with a fantastic interview with Wayne Pygram on his perception of Scorpius:

“Pain, torture, discomfort…. It means NOTHING to [Scorpius].” –Wayne Pygram

Scarran-ingly yours,

The Doctor

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