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One of the Best Villains in Science Fiction

For those who have read my others articles (you can find a list of them here and my Farscape article here) you know that I adore science fiction. And even more so, the science behind that fiction. I have had the … Continue reading

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Religion, Schools, and the First Amendment

I’ve witnessed an interesting phenomenon on the internet while debating various religious conservatives.  Hell, you don’t need to even debate them, just google things such as “prayer in schools” and you’ll find plenty of blogs, sites, Tweets, Facebook pages, and … Continue reading

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The Farscape Effect: The Science in the Fiction

Not many people can say that what interested them in the academic discourses of astrobiology, cosmology, physics, and the search for extra terrestrial life (SETI), was a SciFi show. Well, maybe some can. I just want to be special and need you to … Continue reading

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Mass Effect 3: (un)Being Commander Shepard

As many of you know, Mass Effect 3 was met with great praise (93 from Metacritic, 10/10 from Game Informer, 5/5 from G4, etc.), as well as uproar over the endings – or should I say ending, since many, myself … Continue reading

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What Makes News, “News?”

I saw something on the front page thingy (I really don’t know what to call it – most of it is rarely news) of Yahoo! today and one of the headlining topics was about a Japanese visual-kei artist named Yohio. … Continue reading

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Mass Effect: Shep and Femshep

Mass Effect is an addiction. It takes a hold of your life and does not let you go. I cannot live without this video game and I bet a bunch of others also feel the same way. For those who … Continue reading

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Joss Whedon: The Man, Myth, and Legend

“I’m the thing monsters have nightmares about.” –Buffy Summers Indeed, Joss is the thing the major TV and movie networks have nightmares about, but not in the way you think. Joss Whedon has re-created TV, film, and jump started new … Continue reading

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Belated Introduction

I just realized after three posts, that I have not even introduced the Pattern to you new viewers. So. Hey, I’m Josh. I’m 24 and I live in Palm Bay, Florida. Just as an aside, I’m also an incredibly large … Continue reading

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The Word War: Tolerance Versus Acceptance

For quite some time, I have observed the use of the word “tolerance” used in several discussions involving social issues. On a continual basis, I have observed the word and arguably the incorrect usage on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Websites, and … Continue reading

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“One Million Moms” Attacks Superheroes

The hate-group known as One Million Moms (referred to here on out as OMM) has lobbed a new attack.  They recently came in the news after their vicious and unnecessary attack against Ellen DeGeneres and JC Penney, which was so much of a joke that even right-wing pundit … Continue reading

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