The Oppression of Christians in the United States

It’s about time someone has spoken out about the horrible, disgusting thing that is currently happening here in these United States:

The systematic oppression, persecution and suppression of Christians and Christianity in the United States of America.

We know from statistics, that Christians are a vast here in the United States.  With only a measly more-than-two-thirds of the country being Christian, it’s easy to see how the great majority of the country (the less-than 1/3rd that aren’t Christian) consistently and brutally dominate over the poor, helpless Christians here in America.

It’s stories such as poor Michael Salman of Phoenix Arizona.  The man simply wanted to hold a small, private of a mere 80 or so people.  He performed this Bible study inside of a 2,000 square foot building he had constructed on his property!  But the brutal,  Arizona government wouldn’t have any of this righteousness in its state!  They put this poor man in jail, stating that he didn’t have “fire exits” and that the building was a hazard.  This Arizona government needs to be stopped!

Look at the outrage of the powerful  have been vicious, attacking Chick-fil-A for their freedom of speech!  The proud and few two-hundred-plus million Christians of this nation are having their freedom of speech squelched by the many less-than-fifteen million atheists!

We as Americans must do more to help our Christian brothers and sisters.  We must fight until there is a Christian church in every city and every town in the United States!  We must fight until Christians finally have a president elected into office!  We must fight until Christians have a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate!  Do not give up, proud Christians!  Though you only make up over 70% of the nation, you will one day have power!  One day, you won’t feel the grip of the oppressive hand of the less-than-30% majority of non-Christians!

One day, you will be free!  One day, American money will be printed with the name of your god.  One day, we’ll have your god mentioned in our national pledge!  One day, we’ll have a national holiday named after your god!

One day, Christian America.  One day you will have power over the ruthless, oppressive 1/3rd majority.


About Toni Goodman

Cultural Anthropology Major at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.
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