Untitled Nonsense Episode 5

This week, we talk about the Olympics, Westboro Baptist Church, and Freedom of speech. Along with all the many diversions and digressions you’ve come to know from us here at Untitled Nonsense.

Also! Our e-mail addresses! Send us stories, feedback, questions, bitch us out, send us nude pictures. Whatever!

James: untitledjames@gmail.com
Josh: untitledfonner@gmail.com
Toni: untitledtoni@gmail.com

We’ll have a twitter by next episode. We’ll keep you in the loop!

Next week, we’ll be joined by my good friend Hunter Goodenow of “A Gentlemen’s Quarrel”, another podcast. We’ll be talking a lot about sex and relationships. You’re not gonna want to miss it!

Until then, we’ll be right here. Fighting for truth, justice, and nonsense.


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