Untitled Nonsense Episode 7

This week the boys are joined by Hunter from

We talk about Paul Ryan and Rage Against the Machine, Virgin Airlines and their scumbag policies, Josh drops a bomb, and we finish it up talking about Women, relationships, the friend zone, slut shaming and rape (yes, rape).

ALSO, say hello to our new, finalized intro. Get used to it.

As always you can e-mail us with comments, complaints, questions, and whatever else you want.


See you next week!

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16 Responses to Untitled Nonsense Episode 7

  1. says:

    Frankly, Josh doesn’t seem very educated on Paul Ryan’s politics nor what “irony” truly means. Too many “uhhh”s. He seems like a kind of angry person so I hope he does not take this too much to heart. Maybe educate yourself more before taking so much time to discuss and publish something you know very little about. The “machine” Rage rages against is not Republicans (as opposed to Democrats), but a certain ideology that doesn’t neccessarily have to do with that. Learn to form a more educated opinon.

    • Toni Goodman says:

      Actually he is. From all of your comments, I’m seeing a pattern that you didn’t *really* listen to the podcast. His point is that he understands the irony, but that it doesn’t really matter. “Let him listen to what he wants to listen to,” is Josh’s point. You’re at a 10, we need you at a 2, Marcia.

    • says:

      Marcia, you’re possibly the dumbest individual I’ve ever had the distinct displeasure of reading a personal note from. And really stupid people comment on my youtube videos all the time.

      Seriously, there should be an award for how ridiculously stupid you are.

  2. says:

    Additionally, learn how to be funny without bringing race into it. That was a low, not to mention unfunny, race joke about Obama and why women like him. In the same vein, is it suddenly wrong for women to objectify men? And I could care less about your opinion on women’s pubic hair. I bet you all believe in misandry and reverse racism and all that shit.

    • Toni Goodman says:

      Marcia, how did you come about to this podcast? You understand it’s “Untitled NONSENSE,” right? Imagine this podcast as four friends sitting around shooting the shit. We talk about what we want to talk about. Politics, news, or women’s pubic hair. I’m bi, so maybe I’ll bring up men’s pubic hair next podcast.

      The whole point of the show is to shoot the shit. A fun podcast about serious, fun, or nonsense stories. If you also listened, we chastised individuals for such comments, but we’re not going to get rid of them. InterstellarPolitics.com and Untitled Nonsense are 100% free-speech zones. I’ll let a racist come on and talk to us if he wants (but I wouldn’t let him host the show).

    • Toni Goodman says:

      As well, your “I bet you all believe in misandry and reverse racism and all that shit,” tells me you truly didn’t listen to the show nor know shit about the hosts. Don’t put words into our mouths.

    • says:

      First off….why should I learn to be funny without bringing race into it? Just because YOU don’t like racial jokes? I could give a shit.

      Secondly, YES, as long as it is wrong for men to objectify women, it’s wrong for women to objectify men. It doesn’t go both ways. You set feminism back 50 years with this one comment.

  3. says:

    Just because YOU were allegedly molested by a woman does not mean that the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF SEXUAL CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN/WOMEN/OCCASIONALLY MEN IS WOMEN. IT IS MEN. You sexist scumbags. This podcast is absolutely disgusting and you ought to be ashamed. And not understanding the difference between rape and molesation is ridiculous. EDUCATE YOURSELF.

    • Toni Goodman says:

      What’s your point here? Josh never insinuated that the majority of sexual crimes against children, women, and men are women. (ProTip, get educated yourself, as more men are raped in this country than women. Ever heard of prison rape? Statistics will blow your mind, bro.)

      The point of what Josh and myself were getting at is that you can’t assume every man is guilty of child molestation or will be a child molester if he’s sitting next to a child. 90% of children know their molester in some way. 68% of children are molested by family members.

      That means a whopping 10% of the population are molested by strangers. This means that, statistically, your kid is safer sitting next to a stranger than a family member.

    • says:

      ….and I’m sexist and need to educate myself.

      Somebody didn’t listen to the whole episode…..

  4. says:

    The way you throw around the word “rape” is absolutely despicable. I will not be listening to this show again

  5. says:

    Do you actually intend for people to take any of you seriously? The entire time you made fun of children who are the victims of molestors. I’m very confused. Disgusting show

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