About Toni Goodman

I created this site initially to be my place to rant about essentially anything to do with politics and geek culture.  After taking a hiatus (after two posts) due to a number of reasons, I decided to work hard to make a greater use out of InterstellarPolitics.com.  I talked to my friend Josh Fonner, and together we had ideas to bring life to his lovely little site.  I also quickly pulled in other friends to help fill the site with content, and hope to get Interstellar Politics off the ground and really make something out of it.  (Inspiration coming from and .)

Political Stances:


  • Breakup/shrink the top banks.
  • Cut government spending
  • Shrink the defense budget. (Leave Afghanistan, and shut down and vacate most extra-United States military bases.  Remain in NATO countries.)
  • Cut non-related earmarks/pork from bills.  Adding to a healthcare law that a state gets funding to build a statue is not a related earmark.
  • End tax loopholes (for everyone).
  • End oil subsidies.

Government Regulation of Business:

  • Increase regulations, especially on the financial sector.
  • Increase consumer protection.
  • Truly punish fraud.  If a corporation commits 2 billion in fraud against the taxpayer or customers, make them pay 4 billion for their crime, not two thousand.

States Rights:

  • Give more power back to the states and away from the federal government.


  • Eliminate any and all control over the National Guard from the federal government, giving each state governor and legislature total control over their own National Guard.
  • Allow states to equip and train their guardsmen and guardswomen the same as the federal military branches.

Homeland Security:

  • End spying on American citizens without need or warrant.
  • Repeal the PATRIOT Act entirely.
  • Cease the indefinite detention of United States citizens and foreigners.  Constitution applies to all.
  • Reform the TSA.
  • Repeal parts of the NDAA that allow the detention of United States citizens without warrant or trial.
  • Hold accountable government officials that assassinate United States citizens without due process.
  • Do not torture enemy combatants or United States citizens.


  • Abortion should be legal, but regulated.  Abortion should never be denied in cases of rape, incest, or harm/death of the mother.  Declining an abortion in these specific cases should be illegal.

Civil Rights:

  • Government control over marriage between two consenting adults is the definition of big government.  The government has no right to meddle in the personal lives in the citizenry if their personal lives pose no threat to the lives of others.  All should be granted their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of property/happiness.
  • Ensure citizens are not discriminated upon by their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or other (non-criminal) factors.

Death Penalty:

  • Suspend its use.  Executing an innocent man is murder, not an unfortunate mistake.


  • Legalize marijuana.
  • Decriminalize all other illegal drugs.
  • End the “War on Drugs”.
  • Pardon criminals convicted solely for the use of illegal substance.


  • Either close private sector prisons, or create a government department to regulate and oversee private sector prisons.


  • Education of the public is important.  Increase funding to public schools and cut all funding to private schools.


  • Research and develop new sources of energy.
  • End oil subsidies and tax loopholes.
  • Make oil speculation exceptionally more difficult.


  • Do not defund or eradicate the EPA.  We’ll need the environment in the future, let’s keep it safe.

Foreign Policy:

  • End American imperialism, and bring the majority of our troops home.
  • Leave Afghanistan.
  • Close down and vacate foreign military bases.
  • Respected UN and NATO rules, especially since we helped found both organizations.
  • Stop pandering to Israel and giving them our undying support.  America first, allies second.

Gun Control:

  • Make background checks a necessity.
  • Increase limitations on acquiring explosives or automatic weapons.


  • Reform it.  Ensure that healthcare is cheap and affordable for the citizenry by creating real competition between insurance companies.
  • Regulate insurance companies, and ensure they are not discriminating against the citizenry.