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Belated Introduction

I just realized after three posts, that I have not even introduced the Pattern to you new viewers. So. Hey, I’m Josh. I’m 24 and I live in Palm Bay, Florida. Just as an aside, I’m also an incredibly large … Continue reading

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An Introspective Masturbatory Rant About Compromise

So, I have this friend, who wants to be a stage actor. He heard at some meeting somewhere that there are a lot of casting directors who are checking out people’s Facebooks, and, “and if all they see is partying … Continue reading

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I’m becoming more and more interested in Andy Warhol. Not in the man himself, but what he accomplished with The Factory. I envision Maison Macabre/Macabre Productions to one day be my own “Factory” (My ULTIMATE plan, which *gasp*…did that just …

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So sorry for the delay. This is for 2011 Movies. Comments? Think my taste sucks? Lemme know!   10. Melancholia 9. The Beaver 8. Super 7. Red State 6. I Melt With You 5. Trust 4. Hesher 3. Drive 2. …

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